Time to scout for elk!

elk scouting

elk scouting

As a successful spring bear hunt ends now the work for the fall hunt begins.  July means scouting  and plenty of it.

An unusually wet spring and summer so far are going to mean good antler growth, but also somewhat different patterns for the deer and elk.  Most years the game will be concentrating around water sources as the hot summer drags on.  Not so this year.  Springs and mud holes usually dry will support entire herds of elk and hunting on flat tops will be better as a result.

We are chomping at the bit to get the fall hunt underway.  Stay tuned to see how season unfolds……

Starting the Spring Bear Hunt of with a Bang!

Idaho Black bear hunt

Idaho Black bear hunt

The spring bear hunt has started off with a bang!  One well placed shot from a 270 at 375 yards has us off on the right foot!

Most of our bears are of a different color phase, but this one was actually black with a large white v.  Most hunters look for a cinnamon or chocolate color bear, but because  he had already taken those different colors, this particular hunter wanted a black instead.

Stay tuned for more bear hunting action as the spring progresses!

Another Successful Mountain Lion Hunting Season in Idaho

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt

Well guys, another successful mountain lion hunting season is coming to an end here in Idaho.  We finished it off with this great cat for our friend Justin.  We are almost completely booked for next years hunt so if you want to get on the schedule or want to book for premium dates in the winter of 2017 call now!

Scouting for Whitetail Deer on the Ranch

Whitetail Deer Ranch Hunt

Whitetail Deer Ranch Hunt

Out scouting for whitetails on the ranch last evening and saw a few nice bucks.  This time of year whitetails are in a very reliable summer feeding pattern and will continue to be so until the middle of September.

At that point bucks will shed their velvet and go to their traditional fall habitat and prepare for the rut.  Whitetail bucks will lose a large percentage of their body weight during the rut so it is important the find good sources of food throughout the summer to bulk up.

It is typical for groups of bucks to be traveling together this time of year.  We call them bachelor groups.  This will change soon.  As soon as fall comes it will be every buck for himself, as the pursuit of love or something close to that will trump all boyhood bonds.

Idaho Archery Elk Hunting

Idaho archery elk hunting can be one of the most exhilarating experiences for a hunter.  Having a 1000 pound raging bull elk bugling in your face is a dream for many.  I find though, that many archery hunters make a common mistake.  They call too much.

Sure it’s exciting and sure you can’t wait to hear that distant bugle, but the dying truth of it is that elk don’t talk that much.  If you are going to catch a bull’s interest, it will be done with a couple calls.  Dozens of different cow  chirps and bugles aren’t going to make a difference.  It’s not like fishing where you go through a bunch of different lures until you find out what they are hitting.  One reliable cow call and one good locator bugle is all most elk hunters need to succeed.  Use them sparingly….

Idaho Whitetail Deer Rut Hunt

Here in Idaho we’re pretty fortunate to have a healthy whitetail deer population.  Typically the rut begins the first week of November and can last all the way to the first week of December.  Our rifle season for whitetail takes in the entire month of November which is one of the most liberal hunting seasons in the west.

The most effective way to hunt these rut crazed bucks is from a ground blind, incorporating a stalk if necessary.  Shots can range anywhere from 100 yards to 300 yards so a nice flat shooting rifle will help your chances of success.

Typical temperatures in November can range from 55 degrees all the way down to 15 so a warmer weather suite and colder weather suite are good to bring on a hunt.

2015 Spring Bear Hunt : Color Phase Galore!

color phase bear outfitter

color phase bear outfitter

Well the spring bear hunt is over and what an excellent one it was here in Idaho.  We are pleased to report that all bears taken, but one, were a color phase other than black!  Holy mackerel that’s incredible!   Not sure where else you can go and expect to see that many cinnamon, chocolate and blonde bears…..

Some excellent boars were taken as well with one big red bruin stretching the tape out passed 7 feet squared!  We ‘re also very fortunate in the fact that we got to meet some great people this spring and can’t wait for next spring already.  Some big bears got away from us this year and we can’t wait to get after them again!

Thanks again for the great folks who helped make this spring’s  bear hunt a great success!

Idaho Elk Hunting Drop Camp

Miles High OutfittersWith summer upon us it’s a good time to remind everyone that we have a couple of Idaho elk drop camps available.

These are unguided hunts with camp equipment and transportation provided.  You’ll need to bring your own personal gear as well as food.

If you choose the archery hunt you’ll be hunting the middle of the rut and if you’re a rifle elk hunter you’ll be hunting the tail end of the rut.

This is a high mountain hunt so hunters should be prepared for a mix of different weather.  Seventy degree afternoons are common and early season snow squalls have been know to pop up as well.
These are both 6 day hunts and price per man for a 3 hunter group is $2000
For any questions you may call 208-697-3521, be glad to help you out.

Monster Idaho Black Bear Hunt

Idaho black bear outfitter

Idaho black bear outfitter

Check out this monster black bear we took on a recent hunt here in Idaho.

He squares 7 feet 6 inches and has a skull approaching the Boone and Crockett record book.  Weighing in right at 40o pounds, this is about as big as an Idaho mountain bear gets.


I think this explains why we’ve been seeing so many color phase bears over the last several years.  This old timer has been spreading his genes quite well for some time now.  Long live the beast!

Color Phase Bear Hunt

color phase black bear

color phase black bear

Our 2015 spring bear hunt with high numbers of color phase bears is well underway.  Most years we average about 60 percent of our bears being some other color other than black, but this year is different.  For every 10 bears we have on camera, 8 of them are chocolate or auburn colored.


I’m sure that next year will get back to normal, but this year may just go down as the color phase bear year to beat all years.  It has been a strange spring weather wise.  With it being warm early, then cold, then back to warm again.  Just in the last week the bears have really started to hit the baits steadily.


We’ll keep you up to speed as the spring develops, but so far it’s been the spring of color!