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Trophy Mountain Lion TAken In Idaho

Check out this trophy tom taken with Miles High Outfitters this past winter. This mountain lion will push the Boone & Crockett Record Book. Stay tunes for more pictures of mountain lion hunting with hounds

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Giant Idaho Bear Trophy

Idaho Black Bear Hunting with Hounds

Miles High Outfitters is one of the West’s premier bear hunting outfits with hounds.  Being a second generation outfit, we know and respect the art of hound hunting. We may be a dying breed, but

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elk scouting

Time to scout for elk!

As a successful spring bear hunt ends now the work for the fall hunt begins.  July means scouting  and plenty of it. An unusually wet spring and summer so far are going to mean good

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Hunt Idaho Bull Elk with Miles High Outfitters

Idaho Archery Elk Hunting

Idaho archery elk hunting can be one of the most exhilarating experiences for a hunter.  Having a 1000 pound raging bull elk bugling in your face is a dream for many.  I find though, that

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Idaho Whitetail Deer Rut Hunt

Here in Idaho we’re pretty fortunate to have a healthy whitetail deer population.  Typically the rut begins the first week of November and can last all the way to the first week of December.  Our rifle

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