Giant Idaho Bear Trophy

Idaho Black Bear Hunting with Hounds

Miles High Outfitters is one of the West’s premier bear hunting outfits with hounds.  Being a second generation outfit, we know and respect the art of hound hunting. We may be a dying breed, but the passion to follow a pack of baying hounds in the pursuit of black bear through some of the most awe inspiring country on Earth still runs strong at Miles High Outfitters in Idaho.

A typical day starts early.  Accompanied by your guide, you’ll traverse rugged Idaho roads ands trails via for wheel drive vehicles while the hounds search for the scent of a bear.  Once they catch the faintest scent then the race is on.

Once the dogs have done their work you will accompany your guide to the tree to inspect the bear for quality and maturity.  At this point you can decide whether to harvest or pass the bear.  Most trees are under 350 yards from a road or trail.  Some more and some less.  A reasonable amount of fitness is required, but you don’t have to be in marathon shape to have a successful black bear hunt with the hounds in Idaho.

Bear hunts withe hounds are five days in length, but most are over within two days.  We run 100% success on these hunts.  Our bears population is strong and our hounds are equally well trained.

As far as a gear list, don’t pack too heavy.  The weather in the fall is beautiful in Idaho. Bring a light weight hunting suite, good hiking boots and of course your weapon of choice.  Other gear for bear hunting with the hounds is standard to any other hunt: camera, medications and other personal effects.

If you would like to know more about bear hunting with hounds please give us a call or email.  We’ll be glad to fill you in on the most exciting and traditional ways to hunt bears in Idaho.

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