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idaho black bear hunts

Miles High Outfitters is one of the West's premier bear hunting outfitters with hounds.

As a second generation outfitter, we know and respect
the art of hunting Idaho's Black Bear with hounds. 

Hound hunters may be a dying breed, but the passion to follow a pack of baying hounds in the pursuit of black bear through some of the most awe inspiring country on Mother Earth still runs strong for Miles Hatter of Miles High Outfitters of Idaho.

A typical day starts early. Accompanied by your guide, you’ll traverse rugged Idaho roads ands trails via for wheel drive vehicles while the hounds search for the scent of a bear.  Once they catch the faintest scent then the race is on.

Once the dogs have done their work you will accompany your guide to the tree to inspect the bear for quality and maturity. 

At this point you can decide whether to harvest or pass the bear.  Most trees are under 350 yards from a road or trail. Some more and some less.  A reasonable amount of fitness is required, but you don’t have to be in marathon shape to have a successful black bear hunt with the hounds in Idaho.

Idaho Black Bear hunts with hounds are five days in length, but most are over within two days.  We run 100% success on these hunts.  Our bear population is strong and our hounds are equally well trained.

As far as a gear list, don’t pack too heavy.  The weather in the fall is beautiful in Idaho. Bring a light weight hunting suit, good hiking boots and of course your weapon of choice.  Other gear for bear hunting with the hounds is standard to any other hunt: camera, medications and other personal effects.

If you would like to know more about bear hunting with hounds please give us a call or email.  We’ll be glad to fill you in on the most exciting and traditional ways to hunt bears in Idaho.

Idaho black bears are highly sought for their size and color phases.

A respectable bear in this Central Idaho region starts in the mid-200 pound range with our largest boars approaching 500 pounds.


As to the varying colors:   Idaho Bears range from jet black to as blonde as Marilyn Monroe’s hair and everything in between.




Choose from Spring Bear Hunting or Fall Bear Hunting. Miles High Outfitters “black bear hunting”  is truly some of the best you will find anywhere because of the fantastic resources that our permit area has to offer, including thousands of acres of public lands.   Most of the bears we hunt have never seen humans.  This is due to the fact that they have a large wilderness area to use as security in which to mature.



Miles High Outfitters offers bait, spot stalk and hound pursuit, and entirely depends on your choice of hunt and also the endurance levels that you are able to achieve.



This is a great opportunity to get together with a group of buddies or have a one-on-one hound hunt to experience the peace that the outdoor wilderness has to offer.

My hound dogs LOVE hunting Black Bear.  They live for the hunt! 

With that said, our black bear hound hunts are every bit as much an adrenaline rush for the person who wants more excitement on their trip. 


This method of hound hunting for bears is as physical as it gets in the hunting world, so to enjoy your experience,  you should be in good physical condition.


Some people love the emotional connection they have with our hounds that put their lives on the line to assure them their trophy.


You will, by the end of your hunt, know each hound’s name and each hunter will have their special dog that they have bonded with. 


These hunts take place early in the morning so the hounds can catch the scent of their quarry before the scent burns off with the sunlight.


You will be following behind the best proven hounds in the country. We take no shortcuts with our hounds; they can and will get the job done for you. If you are a thrill seeker, hound hunting is for you.

There are some advantages to spot and stalk Black Bear hunting versus baited Bear hunts. Mainly it's personal preference though.

These spot and stalk hunts for black bear usually take place looking over large vistas for foraging bruins. This allows you to relax and take in the wonder that is spring time in nature. You’ll be glassing for marauding bruins who are out looking for fresh green growth or looking to steal a calf from an unsuspecting cow elk.


This is truly a chance to hunt the bears on their level and witness nature at it’s best first hand.


Bait hunts are for people of all experience and endurance levels and for those who want it to be easier on their pocketbooks and still have a great chance for that bear of a lifetime.

Hunting over bait gives you a better chance to pick and choose the right bear for you. You have the ability to sit quietly, relax and judge your trophy and making sure it’s the one you want to take home, whether it be mounted life-size or made into a beautiful rug. We usually set up trail cameras on our bait sites so that we can set you on the site we know has the biggest bears and the most activity.  Baits greatly increase the chance of you taking the trophy you want.

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