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idaho Mountain Lion Hunts

Miles High Outfitters offers world class trophy Idaho cat hunts.

As a second generation outfitter, we know and respect
the art of hunting Idaho's giant Mountain Lion with hounds. 

We currently run nearly 100% success on our Idaho Mountain Lion hunts.

Idaho has more mountain lions entered in the Boone & Crockett record book than any other state.

The area you will be hunting is renown for its record book class toms. If you look in the record book you will see ample evidence of our record cats taken.  


With our name being written in those pages of the Boone and Crocket record book,  it is a testimonial to the size of  mountain lions we have here in Idaho,  let alone,  just Idaho County.   


Our hunting region lays out over a vast terrain with mixed topography including prairie that meets up with mountain ridges, steep rocky canyons and thick pine forests.


Your cougar hunt will take place in the winter over a period of five days, all meals and lodging included.

We’ll start the days early in order to get a jump on big Idaho mountain lions and most times the temperatures will range between 20 to 35 degrees. 


Most of the time snow will be a factor so good traction boots are a must. You need to bring warm clothes and we suggest that you dress in layers so if you get warm you can shed a garment and stay comfortable.


You will be hunting behind one of the most well trained packs of hounds in the country. We take no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of hound that is in charge of pursuing your cougar of a lifetime.   


All hounds are from several generations of family line breeding and raised here from puppies. 


Mountain lion hunting is physically and mentally challenging and once you reach cougar hunting shape you’ll find yourself ready for most any other hunt in the lower 48. We’ll give it our all so you have one of the most memorable adventures of your hunting life.


We will be hunting in the Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest, named after the tribe of Indians that once inhabited this area. This forest is well known for the diversity of ground that it encompasses and the game rich feed source that it provides to make our animal herds as healthy as possible.  As a result, giant trophy mountain lions are no stranger here. 


It is very well known that this is the place to hunt,  if you want to take a giant Idaho mountain lion.


Here's what one client said about Miles High Outfitters:

“I hired Miles Hatter of Miles High Outfitters because I sensed I could trust him to work harder than any other guide to find my once-in-a-lifetime mountain lion.  He made it his mission to help me fulfill my dream of taking a cougar.


Miles had at least as much fun hunting as I did.  We quickly became hunting buddies, except he did most of the work.


Miles knows these hills and the places where he can find the cats.  He lives here and has hunted lions since he was a kid with his father who is also a professional guide.   Hunting mountain lions is in his bloodline, just as it is in the premium hounds he has raised for this purpose.


Every day Miles put us on fresh tracks.  The hounds took over from there and knew exactly what to do without needing direction. Miles uses the latest GPS technology to make following the dogs quicker than I expected.  


Because Miles knows the roads so well, he was able to drive us in close proximity to where the hounds had treed my lion.A good mountain lion will now be in my den, and thanks to Miles, I’ll have fun telling the hunting story for the rest of my life.”


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