Idaho Mule Deer Hunt

Central Idaho Mule DeerAn Idaho mule deer hunt is high on most hunter’s wish lists and rightfully so.  Idaho is a diamond is the ruff when it comes to big mule deer!

Big muleys aren’t everywhere though, most public ground is void of quality deer.  The monster bucks that take 6, 7 and 8 years to grow reside on private ranches.  They just are not as prolific as whitetail and it takes protection from overhunting to produce big bucks.  Given two or three years of a break from pressure and a whitetail herd will come back nicely.  Mule deer are completely the opposite.  There is no guarantee they will come back from overhunting at all.


There are two times that stand out when it comes to hunting mule deer in Idaho.  September for Archery and late October to early November with rifle.  Late summer feeding patterns and does with an inclination for lovin are what produces big bucks!

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