When do bears come out of hibernation?

Idaho spring bear hunt
Idaho spring bear hunt

When do bears come out of hibernation?  That’s a tricky question and basically can be answered by the type of winter an area is having for the most part.


A good rule of thumb is the tougher and longer lasting the winter, the longer bears will hang around the den.  We were out on the ranch today and saw a sow and two cubs already crawling across the hillsides.  It’s been an extremely easy winter here in Idaho.  On the average this is something we wouldn’t see until mid April.


There are always exceptions to the rule though, some bears just don’t mind the cold and come out early every year.  I even suspect that some bears don’t hibernate much at all, especially in low areas where the winter cold never gets too severe.

These are rare cases though, by and large most bears will not get out and stretch their legs until the end of March beginning of April.

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